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As soon as possible we will be in touch to arrange the next steps.
Do follow us on Instagram (@maleformdrawing). Please share our profile  with your promotional post to advertise the event to your followers too: a wider group of artists will grow this community. 
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What is the session like? 


We are an online drawing group of artists who appreciate the male form. We draw and share the results on screen. It’s an informal session with conversation: artists get to know the model and each other. 3x 5 min poses, 2 x 10, 2 x 15/break/ 2x 20 to finish. Shorter poses are more dynamic with challenging shapes and longer poses are reclining or sitting.


It’s an inclusive  gay male group - chatty and friendly: our focus is on good drawing which we share and post up. Some models are aroused by being admired and drawn for 2 hours: don't worry, natural reactions  are not a problem we love to draw the whole body, if that happens. 


How do we promote the event? 

As soon we agree a date with you, your advert will be ready for posting on our website and on Instagram!
If you have more pictures, do please send to us to give more options on the promotional material. 
Recent  examples are below: 

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